1. Complete Each Room with the Perfect Home Accents

    Moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming, and as you're unpacking or organizing each room, you're probably envisioning how each space will look once it's complete. However, even when you have the furniture, artwork, and other components placed in each room, the space may still feel incomplete. There is a finishing touch, a final flourish, that can benefit each room and at Light…Read More

  2. Shelves Provide Form and Function

    If you have interesting home decor you want to display in your living room or family room, it's important to have a secure place to showcase it. Your coffee table or end table can suffice, but the chances of the decor being moved or knocked over is somewhat greater when it's on a surface people use on a regular basis. Lighting Inc has a great assortment of shelving options, and we can help you fin…Read More

  3. Use Mirrors to Brighten Your Space

    Living in a small space has its own challenges. While fewer light fixtures are necessary to provide adequate light, it can be tricky to maximize natural light and open up the space. Adding mirrors to any room will immediately help create the illusion of space while significantly increasing the amount of light in a room. Here are a few tips to decorating with mirrors in small areas. Full-Length Mir…Read More

  4. Lighting for Your Danish Modern Home Decor

    Danish Modern design has made a comeback over the last few years. With the rise of international box stores, the sleek, vintage-inspired furniture design has taken the United States by storm, and here in Texas, we’re no different. The clean lines and simple functionality make the furniture a perfect fit for students and business executives alike. While couches and chairs make the room usable, it…Read More

  5. Overview of French Country Design

    Old world European designs conjure up the idea of massive gold-plated fixtures and ornate chandeliers. For many homes, this style may not be an option--because of the size and scope of old world designs, they can easily overwhelm a room and diminish your existing home decor theme. If the traditional design options are not suitable for your home, consider incorporating French Country accents into y…Read More

  6. Customize Your Reading Nook

    There’s nothing quite like the sound of running water. When life gets stressful, we all need little reminders to take a break and breathe. Here at Lighting Inc., we can help you set up the perfect retreat in your home with our lighting and home decor accents. Looking to customize your reading nook or office? We have a variety of options to give you that perfect retreat at home while staying true…Read More

  7. Stylish Home Accessories to Complete Your Space

    So you’ve just finished building or remodeling your home. You’ve chosen the trendiest paint colors, the sleekest light fixtures, and you’re ready to settle in and enjoy your space. But when you look around, you still feel that something is missing. That’s where home accents and accessories come to the rescue. Often times, it’s the small touches and details that really anchor and complete…Read More