A Vast, Unique Selection

As a designer, you want to have options to take back to your clients, so that they can see all of the possibilities. We have the largest lighting selection in the state of Texas, as well as the biggest selection of European lighting products in the country. Our in-house lighting brand, Luce Lighting, was created exclusively with input from our customers on what they wanted in terms of style, design, and functionality.

We offer competitive pricing on everything in our store, and every fixture you see is in stock and ready to take the day you buy it. If you’re working on a large design project, and you’re not ready to take the lights with you the same day, we can store everything until you’re at the point where lighting can be placed in the home or business.


A Knowledgeable Team

Our team has 60-plus years of lighting knowledge and experience, and we are always ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for you. We understand different lighting styles and trends, and can make recommendations based on your budget, your client’s preferences, and more. If you have something specific in mind, we’ll do everything we can to find what you need. Our showroom sales staff is always striving to stay up-to-date on the latest lighting trends and technologies, so that they know precisely what to recommend in every situation. We also have an outside sales staff that can visit your project site and work with you on finding the right options for a particular space or area. If there’s ever an issue with a product that was purchased from a Lighting Inc showroom, we offer in-home service solutions that will set everything right.


Lighting Design And Layout

Design is your area of expertise, and you love taking on projects that challenge you in new and exciting ways. You may be designing a brand new home that needs every room lit and decorated, or you may be tasked with coming up with the perfect design for an outdated hotel lobby. Whatever the case may be, our team can help with lighting design and layout, looking at every aspect from room dimensions to architecture and everything in between. The perfect lighting design combines form and function, and it’s important to have fixtures that provide the right amount of illumination, while also fitting with your client’s style preferences. If they love Art Deco lighting, we can provide plenty of options from which to choose. If they need precise task lighting for a workspace, we can help you decide which fixtures will be best. At Lighting Inc, we have one goal — to provide our customers with the perfect lighting solutions. With a vast selection, knowledgeable staff, and design and layout services, we can supply everything an interior designer needs to complete their next project. If you’re a designer who is looking for new ideas, visit one of our locations today!