At Lighting Inc., we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the finest fixture options, whether it’s for a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or any other space in the house. When it comes to kitchen lighting, every homeowner has their own preferences, and it’s our mission to fulfill those preferences. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different aspects of kitchen lights and how you can find what you want in new fixtures.

The Right Design

Design is very important when it comes to lighting your kitchen. You don’t want to have too many lights, or too few. The layout is key to how you use the space, and when designing a kitchen for new construction or a remodel, it’s essential to keep in mind the positioning of each fixture. You can incorporate all three types of lighting into your design, making sure you have ambient lighting from your ceiling fixtures, accent lighting from your pendants, and task lighting from your under cabinet options.

The Right Ambience

Your kitchen is likely the heart of the home, the center of activity where people gather to recount what happened that day or to enjoy a delicious meal. Creating the right atmosphere and ambience is key to enjoying your kitchen space, and lighting plays an important role in both of those aspects. How do the lights fit with the paint color and the decor? Is there a glare on the countertop from too much light? “Ambience” is literally the character of a space, and if the room’s lighting isn’t right, then it’s character won’t be right either.

The Right Functionality

The kitchen is also supposed to be a functional space where you can cook, clean, and entertain. You designed the room to be comfortable and inviting, but if the counters aren’t well-lit for tasks such as chopping and mixing, or there’s not enough light above the sink for washing dishes, then functionality often goes right out the window. When looking at new lighting, keep in mind how it will help you use the space to its maximum potential, whether you primarily use the kitchen for family breakfasts on weekends or for entertaining friends and neighbors throughout the week.

Visit One of Our Showrooms

Shopping for new kitchen lighting can be exciting, and whether design, ambience, or functionality is first on your list, one of our Texas showrooms can provide everything you need. With locations in Austin, Houston, The Woodlands, and San Antonio, it’s easy to find a store that’s close to home and that can help you choose the best options. You can view a number of different styles and trends, and the certified lighting experts in each showroom can answer any questions you may have.

Don’t live with old kitchen light fixtures any longer. Let us help you choose new lights that you’ll love using for years to come, and that will be sure to wow guests whenever they step into your home. You can look through our online catalog or visit one of our stores.

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