Whether you call it the living room or the family room, the space where you gather to spend time together needs to be comfortable. You put a lot of thought into what couches, chairs, and other furniture would go in the room, but what about your family room lighting? At Lighting Inc. in Texas, we can help you find the perfect lighting trends, including ceiling fixtures, table and floor lamps, and any other light that you need to make your home more comfortable. Visit one of our showrooms today to learn more!

The Seating Areas

Your family room may have multiple seating areas. The main one is reserved for watching TV and movies, but you may have a few other spots where you like to sit and read, or there may be a corner area where you have two or three chairs arranged in something of a “conversation nook.” If this describes your family or living room, then it’s important to have lighting for each area. The overhead light is likely enough for the main seating area, but when it comes to reading or conversation spots, table and floor lamps are a must-have. You don’t want there to be unnecessary shadows or dark spots when you’re trying to finish that latest chapter or catch up with a friend over coffee.

Watching TV and Movies

For many families, the main activity of the family room is to sit down together to watch something. If you have kids, then your Saturdays might consist of watching their favorite movies or TV shows. On Sundays in the fall, you sit down to watch the game (or multiple games), and it’s essential that your lighting is perfect. You don’t want there to be a glare on the screen, and this can often happen when the main ceiling fixture is on. Recessed lighting above the entertainment area can help you provide the lighting you need, without relying solely on the overhead fixture. You’ll also want to make sure that these recessed lights are on their own controls so that you can create that “theater” feel when you’re watching a movie.

Lighting Controls

Speaking of lighting controls, one way to make your family room more comfortable is to install new dimmers and switches for each “zone.” The room can feel somewhat uninviting when it’s too bright, and with dimmers, you can turn the lights down or off in those areas that aren’t being used. You can also place switches closer to the lights they control so that you don’t have to walk all the way across the room just to turn on the pendant lights above your conversation nook or the recessed lights above the entertainment center.

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Your family room is likely the center of activity in your home. If you’re looking for new lighting options, then visit one of our Texas locations today. The staff at your local store will show you the latest trends and styles that are in stock, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you have about choosing the right fixtures, installing your new lights, and more.

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