Your entryway lighting is what sets the tone for that first impression that guests form in their minds when they step inside your home. Should the space be too dim or too bright, it might take their eyes a few minutes to adjust, and should your light fixtures be outdated, your guests might think that the rest of your house is also lacking in modern taste. At Lighting Inc., our Texas showrooms are filled with outstanding entry and foyer lighting trends, and we’d love nothing more than to help you choose new fixtures for your home. Visit a location today to get started!

Ceiling Lighting

The best place to start with your new entryway lighting is with the ceiling fixture. The first thing to do is to determine the height of your ceiling. If it’s a standard eight-foot ceiling, then you may want to stick with a flush or semi-flush mount light. This way, the fixture won’t extend too far into the space, creating a risk of people bumping into it when they enter your home. If your ceilings extend to ten feet or higher, then you can begin to consider adding a chandelier or a hanging pendant light. Foyers that extend to the second story are a prime opportunity to add an exquisite fixture that will not only illuminate the space, but that can also be seen from the exterior of your home.

When choosing new ceiling lighting for your front entrance, keep in mind what styles you prefer. Are you looking for something more industrial, or do you want the elegance of crystal? No matter your preference, we’ll be able to provide several choices. We can also help you with the best approach to installing your new ceiling fixture.

Accent Lighting

The ceiling light in your entryway will illuminate the upper and middle portions of the space, especially if you have a chandelier that’s directing light both upwards and downwards. When it comes to the lower portion of the room, it’s important to have the appropriate accent lighting in place. Wall sconces, table lamps, and other fixtures can provide the close, intimate light that makes the entryway warm and inviting. You’ll also have the illumination you need to check your hair in the mirror before you head out the door!

Placing your accent lighting doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if you think about which spots in the foyer need them the most. Do the stairs leading to the second floor start in the entryway? If so, then consider putting a sconce on the wall above the first step. Is there a side table where you keep your car keys or put the mail when you walk in the door? Think about adding a small desk or table lamp for additional illumination.

Shop Our Showrooms

If you’ve been thinking about updating your entry or foyer lighting, or you simply want to see what we have in stock, then visit one of our showrooms today. When you’re there, you can speak with a certified lighting expert who can provide assistance with choosing fixtures, deciding on styles, and more. If you have inspiration from a photo you’ve seen or a fixture in a friend’s home, then bring those ideas with you.

At Lighting Inc., we’re dedicated to providing our customers with nothing but the best in lights and decor. With years of knowledge and experience at our disposal, along with locations in Austin, Houston, The Woodlands, and San Antonio, we’ve helped illuminate countless homes across the state of Texas. If you’re ready to upgrade your lighting, then get started today.

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