In our last post, “Your Perfect Chandelier Part 1,” we discussed what measurements your chandelier needs to best fit your space and design needs. But what should your new chandelier look like? Chandeliers come in many different sizes with shapes varying from simple circles to dramatic, swooping tiers. We understand that chandeliers are brought in to accentuate the space and tie the theme of a room together. The choices can be overwhelming, but luckily we are here to help. Here are some style suggestions:


A contemporary design can mean a number of things, but when it comes to a chandelier, it’s a design that looks unique. You might choose a large ring with small lighting fixtures around the edge. You could also choose a dramatic, classic shape with silver crystals swooping from tier to tier. Your choice may be as simple as a three light pendant with a polished chrome exterior. If you are aiming for a simple, sleek design or a grandiose piece to accentuate your color scheme and modern decor, we have the look for you.


If you are looking for a simple, rustic design, consider a chandelier with a simpler, more homey look. Incorporate a chandelier with a wooden structure or some old-fashioned looking lightbulbs (or both!) to finalize that comfortable feel. The warm tone of brass can also help to accentuate the cozy feeling you envision for your room. Some of our chandeliers even imitate the look of antlers and vines to create a strong focus piece for your room that will surely capture the attention of your guests.


A Victorian room is typically characterized by large, wooden furniture, mirrors, paintings, and floral decor. The Victorian chandeliers tend to be the classic, dramatic candle chandeliers that many people imagine for a dining room, but that’s not the only place to hang them! A Victorian chandelier in a bedroom may be the perfect way to tie your detailed furniture and walls together into a classic getaway.


Feel inspired and at home in a room that captures the European style: everything from the French countryside to the opulence of a palace. These chandeliers can display the elegance and charm of the cottage, or they can emulate the dramatic beauty of a mansion. A small chandelier with tiers, crystals, and drum shades might fit a bedroom space, while a larger metal one with candles may be better suited for the dining room. For a simpler look, find chandeliers with lamp shade drums and candles. For a more dramatic statement, consider a chandelier with tiers, crystals, and candles.

Child’s Room

Children’s rooms are not off-limits for chandeliers! A small, softly colored chandelier may be just what you need to complete the perfect little room for your princess. Look into our collection of pink chandeliers with sweeping pink bars or floral accents. You’ll create her dream palace. These are also great additions to a nursery since the lights are adjustable.

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