1. Lighting for Your Danish Modern Home Decor

    Danish Modern design has made a comeback over the last few years. With the rise of international box stores, the sleek, vintage-inspired furniture design has taken the United States by storm, and here in Texas, we’re no different. The clean lines and simple functionality make the furniture a perfect fit for students and business executives alike. While couches and chairs make the room usable, it…Read More

  2. What Exactly is the Arts and Crafts Style?

    One of the most popular lighting styles we see is the Arts and Crafts style. In today’s modern age of industrial applications and mass-produced items, the Arts and Crafts style brings back the feel of handmade products custom to your home and room.   Background on the Style The Arts and Crafts style came about as a response to the opulent mass-produced home decorations of the Victorian worl…Read More

  3. Why Update Your Lighting Fixtures?

    Sometimes, you get tired of the look of a room. Repainting the walls, replacing furniture, and adding accents can help rejuvenate your home’s appearance, but what about changing your lighting fixtures? Updating your home’s lighting can change more than just the appearance of a room--it can improve your home’s value and dramatically increase the functionality of the room. Here are a few reaso…Read More

  4. Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Lighting

    Any kind of remodel feels like a huge commitment, both in time and money. While often overlooked in significance compared to knocking out a wall or building an addition, lighting choice can help transform a space, making it ideal for a specific task, or falling short and leaving the room dim and dark. Picking the right fixtures for the room will eliminate this concern, but what should you consider…Read More

  5. Overview of French Country Design

    Old world European designs conjure up the idea of massive gold-plated fixtures and ornate chandeliers. For many homes, this style may not be an option--because of the size and scope of old world designs, they can easily overwhelm a room and diminish your existing home decor theme. If the traditional design options are not suitable for your home, consider incorporating French Country accents into y…Read More

  6. What is Transitional Lighting?

    So, you’ve updated your furniture, repainted the walls, and are ready to finally take the plunge into updating your lighting fixtures to match your home’s new look. If your home’s decor changes frequently, picking a style can be a difficult choice. Do you go with track lighting, recessed fixtures, or ornate Victorian inspired chandeliers? Which is right for you? Well, it all depends on your …Read More

  7. Customize Your Reading Nook

    There’s nothing quite like the sound of running water. When life gets stressful, we all need little reminders to take a break and breathe. Here at Lighting Inc., we can help you set up the perfect retreat in your home with our lighting and home decor accents. Looking to customize your reading nook or office? We have a variety of options to give you that perfect retreat at home while staying true…Read More

  8. Why Choose Recessed Lighting?

    Lighting is about more than just illuminating an area. It’s about making a statement, accentuating parts of your home you want to show off and hiding areas that don’t serve your interior design goals. We offer many types of accent lighting at Lighting Inc., but our most versatile and most subtle option is recessed lighting. What is recessed lighting? Recessed lighting is a design that is insta…Read More

  9. Patios that Wow

    Everyone knows that first impressions are an important part of any introduction. But first impressions only go skin deep. What’s important to remember is that nothing is as it seems at first and that it’s worth the time and effort to dig a little deeper. Which is why we at Lighting Inc. want to help you to not only have a stunning entryway to your home but to also keep the style going through…Read More

  10. Pendant Lighting is Exactly What You Need to Really Tie Your Room Together

    Pendant lighting is an often overlooked aspect of home decorating and interior design. It’s just a cover for your lights; not much you can do about, is there? There might be more to it than you think. Used properly, a pendant can be exactly what you need to really tie a room together. Our lighting showroom in The Woodlands has exactly what you need to bring your pendant lighting into harmony wit…Read More