Your home’s bathrooms are occasionally overlooked areas when it comes to lighting design. They’re not a focal point of a home and are considered by many homeowners as nothing more than a necessity. It’s important to remember that these rooms are more than utility rooms–they can be a space for rejuvenation, preparing for the day, and unwinding from a long day of work. Since these rooms are so important, shouldn’t they receive the same attention to lighting design as your kitchen or living room? Here are three things to consider when upgrading your bathroom lighting.

  1. Understand how much natural light your bathroom gets. Brighter bathrooms will require less task lighting than darker rooms. The ideal lighting solution will give your bathroom the feel of natural light no matter what time of day you use it. Keep in mind that the light should be bright, but not bright enough to make the bathroom feel like a surgical ward.
  2. Consider adding dimming switches to your system. As an area of relaxation, it can be helpful to control the amount of lighting the room gets at a given time. No one wants to soak in a bathtub with bright artificial light shining in their face.
  3. The type of fixture you choose does matter. Avoid choosing fixtures that cast long shadows. Wall sconces that frame your mirror will cast light evenly and will minimize any shadows that might result from other objects in the room.

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