Kitchen Lighting in San AntonioRenovating your kitchen is a major project for any homeowner, and one of the most important aspects of your upgrade is the lighting. At Lighting Inc in San Antonio, we have a great selection of kitchen light fixtures, and can help you choose the best ones for your remodel. Kitchens are versatile areas, and your lighting should reflect the many purposes that the room can serve.

Ambient Lighting

For your general, ambient lighting, you’ll want to choose a bright, high color-rendering ceiling fixture that provides light for the majority of the space. Our experts can assist you with your ceiling light choice, and explain the differences in each one.

Task Lighting

Areas such as the sink, counters, and kitchen island will require recessed lights, undercabinet lighting, and pendants to make prep and cleaning work easier. A recessed light will help when washing dishes, pendants will make the island more functional, and undercabinet fixtures will improve the light on your counter spaces, no matter if you’re writing down a recipe or cutting up vegetables.

Accent Lighting

If you have open or glass cabinets, accent lights such as LED strips or small recessed fixtures can highlight your dishes and dinnerware. The same idea is true for open areas above cabinets where you may have stoneware, plants, or artwork. These lights will eliminate shadows and dark areas above your cabinets, and make your kitchen brighter and more appealing.

When you need kitchen lighting in San Antonio, there’s no better choice than Lighting Inc. Look through our catalog, visit our showroom, or contact us online today!