Accent lighting is key to improving the look of any room. It will increase the room’s overall lighting while adding drama and flair to any interior design. Table lamps, track lighting, and recessed lighting features all make fantastic accent lighting options, but wall sconces can maximize your space while adding a decorative touch to the room. Here are several ways to use wall sconces in your home’s lighting design:


  • Wall sconces are space-saving options to any room’s lighting needs. Save your end tables for books and accessories. Wall-mounted lights will let you use the entire tabletop for whatever you need it for.
  • In rooms with high ceilings, wall sconces can maximize the ambient lighting in a room. When mounted higher up on the wall, wall sconces can provide significant additional light to the room, casting it both up and out into a high-ceilinged area.
  • Wall sconces allow for dramatic lighting effects. With dark shades or covers, light is sent out through the top and bottom of the shades, casting shadows on the wall and creating a sense of drama and flair in the room. This is perfect for living rooms where mood lighting can elevate the space’s style.
  • Wall sconces make for fantastic reading lights in areas where bedside tables are not practical. Consider adding a sconce for each bunk in a bunk bed to give your kids a perfect reading light.
  • Add wall sconces to your vanity to create the perfect gentle task lighting. This will make getting ready in the morning much easier, enhancing the natural lighting without washing out your reflection.


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