Decorating a house is an important part of making it your home rather than just a dwelling space. But what about lighting your artwork? Many people hang pictures on the wall and leave them, neglecting lighting conditions and the way the image is illuminated. If you’ve paid attention to the lighting conditions in your living room, why not pay attention to the conditions that showcase your artwork? Picture lighting will help display your art to its fullest potential and will illuminate the details of the work so you can better appreciate it. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best option for picture lighting.


Consider the Size of the Work

Picture lights come in all different sizes and widths. Small lights illuminate small areas, while larger fixtures may focus the light on a less optimal area. Choosing the right size light will let you illuminate the entire work rather than just a small portion of it. For traditional frame-mounted lights, the fixture should be about half the width of the picture to achieve an ideal light position. Wall mounted lights or track lighting should focus enough light on the desired area.


The Number of Pictures

Track lights work wonders for lighting multiple images on a wall. They can be installed and angled to hit each picture with the ideal amount of light for the work. These fixtures are placed further back from the work, making them more suitable for different bulbs that otherwise may cause heat damage.


Examine The Frame

Works without frames, such as sculptures or wall hangings, will require a different style of light. For these works, track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights will provide the adequate light. For framed works, frame-mounted lights are an easy option and come in a variety of styles, from contemporary sleek designs to traditional rounded shades.


Color Does Matter

While the color of the light fixture has nothing to do with the functionality of the light, it can affect the overall impression of the piece. Picking a light that matches the frame will make it unobtrusive, but sometimes a statement can benefit the image. The right light fixture can incorporate into the rest of the room’s style without drawing away from the image itself. Modern wall-mounted lights can often complement existing pendant fixtures.


Type of Desired Light

LED bulbs will not damage your artwork with UV rays or heat, but are more costly. Incandescent bulbs can damage your art due to the heat they generate, but give off the characteristic warm light, perfect for bringing out red and yellow tones in artwork. Halogen lights will give off the whitest light, letting the work show its colors without distortion, but generates a significant amount of heat. Many fixtures are specifically designed to work with certain kinds of bulbs, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before purchasing a light.


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