If the overhead lighting in your home is in need of a redesign, track lighting might be the best option for your space. At Lighting Inc., we have a number of options you can look at. Here are a few of the benefits of basic track lighting systems:


  • Track lights are multi-directional. Each light can be positioned directly where you want it to along the track. This makes it particularly useful for task lighting or even picture lighting as you can angle each light without affecting the position of the others.
  • The tracks come in different shapes. Not all rooms are perfectly rectangular and some have existing features that make it necessary to alter the position of the track to fit the space. At Lighting Inc., we have a number of curved tracks that not only create a unique lighting style but allow you to position the lights where they’ll be the most useful.


  • They work with a variety of lighting styles. Track systems are not limited to one boring canister style; track heads come in numerous styles, from pendants and spot lights to more industrial minimalist designs. Finding the right style of track head for your existing interior design plans is easy.
  • Track lighting is easy to install. Even though many light systems require slight remodeling to install, track lighting does not. Because track lights mount to the ceiling, nothing has to be torn down or hidden by sheetrock.

At Lighting Inc., we have a variety of track lighting options to fit your space. If you’re looking to install new lights in your home, contact the experts at your San Antonio showroom. We can help you find the right solution for your room.