One of the most popular lighting styles we see is the Arts and Crafts style. In today’s modern age of industrial applications and mass-produced items, the Arts and Crafts style brings back the feel of handmade products custom to your home and room.


Background on the Style

The Arts and Crafts style came about as a response to the opulent mass-produced home decorations of the Victorian world. It favored simple designs made by local artisans and builders. The focus was on bringing the industry back to the craftsmen rather than letting it remain in the hands of large corporations. The quality of handmade decorations and furnishings allowed for a higher quality and individual feel in the room. Though the style began in the late 19th century, the timeless simplicity makes it an ideal option for today’s modern homes and interior design options.


Arts and Crafts style incorporates natural materials and focuses on making the house a home rather than an entertainment parlor. Built-in furniture and functional decorations were the standard in these homes and continue to be the focus of today’s Craftsman and Mission styles. Much of the interior decoration relies on carved wood or letting the natural beauty of finished wood show through. Natural, earthy colors give the home a warm feel and can be combined with bright colored cushions and rugs for a touch of flair.


What does this mean for lighting?

Lighting was one of the few areas for added ornamentation during the heyday of the Arts and Crafts style. The styles were timeless options and are still used today, from rustic cottages to new-construction Craftsman homes.

  • Glass lamps and fixtures: With the focus on handmade, carefully crafted designs, glass lamps and fixtures made sense. The style of Tiffany lamps provided ornate designs and bright colors to every room. To this day, each Tiffany lamp is made to the highest quality standards and features multi-colored glass soldered into intricate designs.
  • Mica lamps: Natural materials are important to the Arts and Crafts style, and mica makes an interesting visual choice. Mica lamps and fixtures come in a variety of shades, all of which typically occur in nature. These lamps put off a soft, diffused light that highlights the natural color variations present in the mica. Mica lamps are more decorative than strictly functional, so consider them for warm accent lighting rather than a lone overhead option.
  • Brushed metal: Traditional lantern designs give a rustic feel to the exterior of the home, but chrome and polished stainless steel can throw the look off. Oil-rubbed and brushed metal gives the fixtures a timeless, rustic quality, blending naturally into the style.


The Arts and Crafts style can easily be incorporated into any pre-existing home, even if its design doesn’t follow the Craftsman style. The handmade quality of the designs makes the features timeless and relevant even in today’s modern era.


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