The Southwest is well known for its bright colors, decorative structures, and intricate ironwork. While some people are fortunate enough to live in Spanish Colonial designed homes with these elements already incorporated into the structure, there are a fair few Texans who simply wish to incorporate these aspects into their more average home design. It’s relatively simple to do, and we have a number of tips and suggestions to help you transform your home into a Spanish Colonial inspired paradise.


In the Dining Room

Consider adding a large pendant light over the dining table. The modern take on a wrought iron style will suit just about any dining area and offers a more manageable size than most Spanish Colonial chandeliers. Spanish Colonial inspired light fixtures incorporate heavy amounts of wrought iron and often hide the light bulbs in a glass shade. The warm oil rubbed bronze gives the metal a more rustic appearance while maintaining the pristine gleam of new metal. Large pillar candles and carved wood accents will warm up the space while enhancing the rustic and traditional feel of the space.


In the Living Room

Adding some accent lighting to your Southwestern style will take your theme to the next level. Consider a few wall sconces for mood lighting or using a wrought iron floor lamp as a reading light. These few additions will complement any existing room theme, but will complete the look of a Spanish Colonial inspired room.


Spanish Colonial style has spread in popularity from California to Florida, and at Lighting Inc., we can help you transform your home’s accents to fit almost any style you think of. Contact us today for more information and start planning your lighting upgrades today!