With housing at a premium, many developers are transforming old warehouse and factory spaces into modern, open floor plan apartments. Many of these buildings maintain characteristics of their prior function and possess interesting stylistic elements, leading to the creation of Modern Industrial design themes.

Modern Industrial design incorporates elements of factory/warehouse design and transforms them into livable and functional spaces. It combines elements of modern style with utilitarian, practical accessories and looks. The overall look allows for open floorplans and transforms the look of any barren room. What defines Modern Industrial design?

Exposed pipes, beams, and ductwork all lend themselves to a warehouse or industrial appearance. The focus is on exposing what lies underneath rather than covering up these elements with sheetrock and plaster. The more open and exposed the room, the more industrial elements you can fit in. This practice also dramatically decreases the cost of remodeling as added materials necessary for covering these elements are not needed.

Mixing textures of wood and exposed raw metal is characteristic of the Industrial style. This allows an otherwise cold and impersonal space to feel warm and inviting. With furniture and other textile accessories, bold and neutral colors will brighten the space while adding a degree of warmth to the room. Plants, area rugs, and throw pillows will also help soften the harsh lines of the style and will keep it from feeling more like a home than a work area.

If you’re considering transforming an existing space into an industrial theme, lighting will take your home to the next level. There are many fixtures and options to choose from, but here are a few of the things you should look for:

  • Look for metal-finished or vintage style pendant lights. These options will allow for more focused task lighting while maintaining the industrial feel.
  • Make use of track lighting. Since track lighting systems come in a variety of styles and arrangements, they are easily incorporated into the industrial design motif without interrupting the look by incorporating more modern designs.
  • Exposed bulbs make a statement. Consider using Edison lights as accent lighting. Edison bulbs show the intricate design of the lighting filaments. While they don’t put off much functional light, they are eye catching and take you back to the industrial age where such lights were the norm. With incandescent lights on the decline, Edison-style LED lights are available, giving you a longer lasting light for your money.
  • Standing lamps and table lamps are a must with the open floor plan of most industrial spaces. Look for lamps with clean and sleek lines and consider using neutral-colored lamp shades to add warmth to the space.
  • Industrial-inspired ceiling fans will help cool your space while providing overhead lighting. Remember, the style is based on functionality; each element can serve a distinct purpose while furthering the room’s theme.

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