Georgian design is making a comeback with its emphasis on intricate carvings, crown moulding, and muted colors. Traditional Georgian and colonial homes incorporated these design elements into every room of the house. Even picture frames were intricately carved, reflecting the overall theme of the home. It was an era of handmade elegance. With the rise in popularity of local artisans and handcrafted goods, this style is seeing a resurgence in Texas, lending its timeless elegance to the home. If you’re looking to spruce up a traditional Georgian style room, consider these ideas.



Many Georgian homes look far more complete when you incorporate a chandelier into the room. Georgian chandeliers range from ornate cut-glass to simple yet elegant polished metal. Traditionally, these fixtures used candlesticks for lighting, but modern options allow for the use of candelabra-shaped light bulbs.


Ceiling Medallion

With such strong emphasis placed on carved wood and crown moulding, many traditional spaces used ceiling medallions to frame the base of the chandelier. The ornate carvings tie the rest of the room together. In modern homes, ceiling medallions work to tie the rest of the theme together and can be used for embellishing ceiling fans, chandeliers, and large pendant lights. They’re available in multiple sizes and styles, sure to suit the theme of your room.


Recessed Lighting

Large rooms may not receive enough light from the central chandelier. Incorporating recessed lighting around the perimeter will increase the amount of light without diminishing the impact of your central light fixture.


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