Choosing the perfect lampshade is just as important as picking the lamp. Luckily, there are nearly as many lampshades as there are lamps, so finding an option to suit your style is easy. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right option for your home.


Color Matters

You’ve established a theme in your room, so why not choose a lampshade that complements the colors already in your home? Look for bold colors that accentuate the theme. You don’t have to choose colors that match the decor completely; bright bold colors will become a focal point of the room while neutral tones will let the focus travel to other decorations.


Know Your Space

If your lamp sits on a small end table, you’ll want a smaller lampshade. Large lampshades will make small spaces seem crowded and can get in the way of the room’s function. Likewise, larger floor lamps will benefit from larger lampshades to maintain their proportion and allow the proper diffusion of light.


Determine the Shape

Lampshades come in many different shapes and some look better with certain lamps than others. Round lamps will look better with round shades while angular lamps will benefit from square shades. If you’re unsure what lampshade will suit your lamp most, bring the base into our showroom. Our lighting experts can help you find the shape that will look best for your base.


Form or Function

Lampshades don’t have to be functional all the time in every situation. Choosing a lampshade for purely decorative purposes is acceptable, provided you’re not relying on the lamp as a main light source. Neutral and white lampshades will provide the most light while darker, bold colors will serve as great accent pieces. Remember, the more translucent the lampshade, the more light the lamp will give off.


Think About Size

Part of finding the right lampshade is determining the right fit for the lamp. The lampshade should be far enough from the bulb to prevent fire hazards. Since many light bulbs give off significant heat, they can easily char or burn the shade. Lighting Inc. can help you find the right lamp harp and adjustable fittings to adjust the shade’s proximity to the light. A properly sized shade should extend about half an inch around the lamp’s base at a minimum.The ideal shade will cover the switch slightly, just enough to hide it from view. It should not hang so low as to force you to reach up and under the shade to turn the lamp on.


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are not limited to the shades they come with. Pendant shades can easily be upgraded to match a change in interior design. Take your room’s overall color scheme into consideration. From glass shades to traditional fabric coverings, Lighting Inc. has what you need to update your pendant lighting.
Lighting Inc. has the right lampshade for your home. If you’re looking to make a decorative statement or simply want to increase the amount of ambient light in your room, we’ll help you find the right shade.