Crystal Wall SconcesYour entryway is where guests get the first glimpse of your home, as well as your personal decorating style. You want the foyer or entryway to make a good impression, and if guests can’t see when they enter, that impression can be quickly lost. At Lighting Inc, we have wall sconces and other fixtures that will prove more than ideal for your home’s entryway, and with plenty of styles to choose from – including crystal fixtures – you’ll find something that appeals to your personal taste.

The Classic Look of Crystal

Some homeowners see crystal as too ornate or elaborate, but with the right placement, a crystal sconce can add a perfect classic touch to your home. These sconces are ideal for both form and functionality, as they give visitors a sense of your personal style and lets them see any decor or artwork in your foyer. A crystal sconce can also be the perfect complement to a chandelier or other hanging fixture suspended from your entryway’s high ceiling. We have single-light, two-light, and three-light sconces to choose from, as well as pocket and corner fixtures.

If there isn’t enough light in your entryway or front hallway, and you like the design of crystal fixtures, come to Lighting Inc today. We have multiple showrooms across Texas, and each one will have plenty of sconce options from which to choose. We also have lighting design experts who can discuss your personal lighting needs, and answer questions about maintaining a theme or aesthetic throughout your entire home, or a section of your home. We look forward to helping you!

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