754758If you have interesting home decor you want to display in your living room or family room, it’s important to have a secure place to showcase it. Your coffee table or end table can suffice, but the chances of the decor being moved or knocked over is somewhat greater when it’s on a surface people use on a regular basis. Lighting Inc has a great assortment of shelving options, and we can help you find shelves that are ideal for your decor.

Picking the Best Shelf

If all you’re concerned about is functionality, putting up a board and brackets can make a sufficient shelf. However, it’s more likely you want your shelves to be both functional and decorative, and picking the best option requires an understanding of not only the shelf’s dimensions, but how it will complement your existing decor. An open shelf will be best for larger decor, while an enclosed or semi-enclosed shelving unit will be better for smaller, more intricate items. You’ll also want to think about how easy it will be for guests to view your decor, and whether or not your little ones will be able to reach those breakable items, such as decorative plates or your grandmother’s china.

When you’re ready to add new shelving to your home, understanding how each shelf will function within the space and what you want to display on each shelf will give you a greater chance of finding the ideal product. Visit Lighting Inc in Texas today to view all of our standing and hanging shelves!

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