At Lighting Inc., we know how important your bathroom lighting is, especially if you have a large family and a house with multiple bathrooms. The lights in each room need to be able to keep up with your routines, whether you’re standing at the mirror putting on makeup or your teenagers are cleaning up after sports practice.

When you visit one of our Texas lighting showrooms, you’ll see a fantastic selection of bathroom lighting, and we can help you discover the latest trends and styles that will look great in your home. Contact us today to learn more!

Outdated Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures are often the one thing, above all others, that can make a bathroom feel old. While the towel racks and robe hooks might stand the test of time, a light that looks like it’s from the 1970s can really make the space feel outmoded. While it may have looked great when it was installed, an outdated light can affect the entire room. If you or someone in your family uses that bathroom on a daily basis, then replacing your old lights can bring new life to the space, making it both more comfortable and more functional.

Not Enough Light

In decades past, there were often just two light sources in the bathroom — the overhead light and the vanity light. While this was fine for functionality, it did very little in the way of comfort. As the years passed and bathrooms (especially master baths) transformed into luxurious, spa-like spaces, there needed to be more light sources. Recessed lights, pendants, and other fixtures can be perfect for a bathroom, so if your family is complaining about not having enough light above the bathtub or in the shower, then you can consider adding new lights in these areas, thereby improving the space and making it better for everyday use.

Flickering Bulbs

There’s nothing worse than turning on the vanity light or overhead fixture and having the bulb flicker while you’re standing in front of the mirror or taking a shower. The flickering can quickly give you a headache, as well as make it difficult to see what you’re doing. Old light bulbs could be to blame, as could outdated fixtures. By updating to LED technology, you can improve your lighting and prolong the life of your fixtures. You won’t have to worry about flickering, and you’ll have bright task and accent lighting for every part of the bathroom!

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