So you’ve just finished building or remodeling your home. You’ve chosen the trendiest paint colors, the sleekest light fixtures, and you’re ready to settle in and enjoy your space. But when you look around, you still feel that something is missing. That’s where home accents and accessories come to the rescue. Often times, it’s the small touches and details that really anchor and complete a room. Here are just a few examples of the types of home accessories and accents we have available in our showrooms.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic way to add finishing touches to a variety of spaces. Hanging a large mirror on a wall will create the illusion of space and depth as it reflects the room back to itself. It will also help the ambiance in the space by reflecting both natural and artificial light. And if you need a little extra illumination, we also have several mirrors with lights, perfect for bathrooms, entryways, and over bedroom vanities.

An Artful Touch

A classic way to bring some more style and color into a room is by introducing a little art. Oil paintings and reproductions are a fantastic way to complement a room’s color scheme or add a splash of color as an accent. You can also emphasize your personal décor style by choosing prints and frames that accentuate the décor scheme throughout your home. And if you are adding a focal piece to a room, you can even ensure that it receives due attention with one of our picture lights.

A Light Touch

Candles offer an easy way to accessorize any room in the house. They come in more colors than you can image, as well as various sizes and shapes. They are also universal and can compliment any type of décor without compromising on style. What’s more, candles can either be placed by themselves or set inside decorative candle holders, which means that you have an easy way to change up your style from season to season without breaking the bank.

Top Shelf

Shelves are another universal idea that can make a room feel more complete. But don’t think that you have to settle for ordinary square bookshelves! Decorative shelves bring an interesting blend of function and style to any room, and can fit in with any décor style. Floating shelves can be works of art all on their own and add visual interest to a space.

Add a Little Green

Silk flowers or greenery can make a space feel clean and fresh. Aside from all of the great qualities that make silk flowers and plants a decorating staple in and of themselves is the fact that they can be placed in all kinds of decorative vases and planters. Glass, copper, hammered metal, porcelain, and even wood can provide that little extra something that ties a room together.

Decorating your home with home accessories and accents is a great way to display your personal style and tastes and to tie a room together. Contact your Woodlands Lighting Inc. Showroom today, and let us help you choose the right home accessories for your home, today!