Sometimes, you get tired of the look of a room. Repainting the walls, replacing furniture, and adding accents can help rejuvenate your home’s appearance, but what about changing your lighting fixtures? Updating your home’s lighting can change more than just the appearance of a room–it can improve your home’s value and dramatically increase the functionality of the room. Here are a few reasons you should consider updating your home’s lighting features:


  • Energy savings: Modern light fixtures can dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency. Older fixtures may work perfectly, but because they were installed when technology was less advanced, they may waste energy when they’re used. This may cause your home’s energy bill to be higher than it should be.
  • Increase your home’s value: As with any home improvement, installing new light fixtures and upgrading to more efficient models will increase your home’s value. Updating your outdoor lighting can improve drive up appeal and can increase your home’s safety, reducing tripping hazards in the dark.
  • Make a room more functional: Task lighting and wall sconces are more than just pleasing to look at. They can increase the functionality of a room, making it easier to see in particular areas. Kitchens benefit from task lighting over sinks and work areas while living rooms and home theaters will benefit with wall sconces and mood lighting. Further, installing nice-looking or eye-catching fixtures that complement your home’s interior design will give the impression of a well put together space.
  • Safety: A well-lit room is a safe room. Dim areas can hide tripping hazards like turned up rugs or children’s toys. With proper lighting, these obstacles become visible and can more easily be avoided.


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