So, you’ve updated your furniture, repainted the walls, and are ready to finally take the plunge into updating your lighting fixtures to match your home’s new look. If your home’s decor changes frequently, picking a style can be a difficult choice. Do you go with track lighting, recessed fixtures, or ornate Victorian inspired chandeliers? Which is right for you? Well, it all depends on your individual taste, but blending styles is always an option. Transitional lighting designs will give you the most versatile and timeless look, perfect for any space.


What is Transitional Lighting?

Transitional lighting is a blend between traditional, ornate light fixtures and sleek modern options. Most transitional fixtures incorporate elements of both styles, offering the perfect solution to a home that mixes antiques with modern furniture.



Key Traits of Transitional Lighting

Transitional style uses clean lines to create less intricate designs than the traditional fixtures. They are not completely sleek and minimalist like the modern and industrial options seen in many showrooms today. These fixtures use materials common to both traditional and modern styles, ranging from metal to wood and fabric. Many fixtures use neutral colors to easily incorporate into any room or style.


What room should it be used in?

Since Transitional style is so versatile, it can be used in just about every room, regardless of the overall theme of your decor. The simple design will keep your home well lit without overwhelming your accent furniture.


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