Any kind of remodel feels like a huge commitment, both in time and money. While often overlooked in significance compared to knocking out a wall or building an addition, lighting choice can help transform a space, making it ideal for a specific task, or falling short and leaving the room dim and dark. Picking the right fixtures for the room will eliminate this concern, but what should you consider before you head to the showroom? Here are a few of the things you should think about before picking out your new lights.


  • Consider your budget. Modern light fixtures range in price, depending on material and design. Having a firm idea of your budget will help our experts identify the best options for you and your home.


  • What will the room be used for? The lighting needs for a kitchen are often different than a home office or living room. Knowing precisely what activities will mostly happen in the room will give you a better idea of what type of light fixture will work best.


  • Size matters. The size of a room will affect the number of lights needed to achieve the ideal level of light. Smaller rooms will require fewer fixtures while larger rooms will require more fixtures or task lighting options.


  • Style is important. Light fixtures are more than simple canister lights and at Lighting Inc., we have a large selection of different styles to suit your home’s decor. Table lamps can create the perfect accent to a room while decorative fixtures can elevate your home’s decor. From French Country to Industrial-inspired styles, we can help you find the right light for your room.


Let the experts at Lighting Inc. help you find the right fixture for your home. Visit our showroom in The Woodlands today!