The Texas heat can be stifling in Houston and with summer on its way, now is a great time to start thinking about adding some ceiling fans to your home. Adding ceiling fans to your home will help lower your energy bill and add a nice decorative touch to any room.  Let the experts at Lighting Inc. shed some light on why fans are fantastic additions to any room.

Why do ceiling fans work?

Fans do not cool the air, but they’ll still keep you cooler. As the air moves against your skin, your body temperature is lowered. You’ll likely be comfortable leaving the thermostat at a higher temperature. Over time, this can dramatically decrease the amount of money you spend on running your air conditioner.

Choose the right fan for the room

Do you want a statement piece or a utilitarian low-profile fixture? We have options for all room sizes and decor preferences, from modern to Victorian. For something more portable, we have decorative desk fans and standing fans.

Do you need lighting as well?

If you want a ceiling fan, but don’t’ want to sacrifice your already installed overhead light, you won’t have to. Many of our fans include lighting kits or may be retrofitted to accommodate them. The lights come in many different styles to complement the fan you choose. For added energy efficiency, use LED bulbs.

Pick the right mount

Ceiling fans are incredibly versatile; they can be mounted in different areas, at different heights and even at different angles. For low ceilings, choose a low-profile mount. Ceiling fans are best when they are mounted 7-8 feet from the floor. For sloping ceilings, use an angled mount.   
Check out our online catalog and contact us to discuss how we can help keep you cool this summer.