Art Deco design hearkens back to the flashy era of the 1920’s through the early part of World War II. It was developed when the admired style was larger than life, focusing on opulence and clean lines rather than the floral and romantic patterns favored by contemporary designers. The style fell out of favor in the 1950’s as more designers became fascinated with a more modern look.


Art deco is seeing a revival due to its emphasis on embellishing a space rather than transforming it into something completely different. The sleek, high polished design is about accessorizing and accenting a room and allows you to work with what you already own to achieve a desired look.


Characteristics of Art Deco Design

  • Bold Geometric Shapes: Art Deco thrives on bold geometric designs rather than floral prints or busy designs. Clean, crisp designs are the rule.
  • Bold Colors: Utilizing bold and bright colors to accent your space is precisely what the Art Deco style is about. Leave walls a neutral color and accent your space with bright throw pillows, carpets, and accessories.
  • Shiny Surfaces: Art Deco design works best with shiny, manufactured surfaces. It focuses on man-made products rather than relying on rich natural materials. Brass, chrome, mirrors, and glass all allow for Art Deco design to work best.
  • Curved Lines: Art Deco is far from rigid. While most Art Deco lines are symmetrical, they don’t have to be rigid. Using curved lines in your design will help draw attention to a specific area of your space and create different areas of focus within the room.


How to Decorate

If you’re looking to create an Art Deco living room, accent lighting will transform your space. Choose fixtures that have a bright metallic shine to them. Wall sconces will help accent your room and create the proper mood lighting–just keep it symmetrical. Add two of our wall sconces with strong, bold lines to either side of your entertainment center. This will make the entertainment center reminiscent of a movie theater, setting the tone for any viewing experience. For a more artistic statement, consider a Tiffany lamp that provides functional light with a bold geometric design on the lampshade. Art Deco does not mean dim, poorly lit rooms.


Make your space feel larger and brighter by incorporating a mirror into your room. Look for a piece with strong and clean lines, like our rectangular mirror. The bold and high polished gold leaf combined with the bright silver accents will open up a smaller living room, creating the illusion of more space while maintaining the Art Deco feel. Adding high polished candle sticks or vases can accent your coffee table while staying true to Art Deco design.


Remember, Art Deco relies on simple, clean lines with high contrast colors and shining surfaces. Keep it simple and avoid adding natural or floral patterns into the room. At Lighting Inc., we can help you transform your living room into an Art Deco parlor. We have the right lamps and accessories for your home. Visit our San Antonio showroom today.