When we say “interior design,” we understand that lighting may not your first concern, but it should be. You don’t have to be an expert on lighting to choose the proper look for your space, but we can share some basics to make the process relaxed and easy for you.

Decorative, general, and accent are the three basic types of lighting you can combine to create a spectacular design.


Decorative lighting can indicate a room’s purpose. For example, dim lighting is ideal for a bedroom, while a brightly lit room would be a good playroom. It can also point to a focal spot of the room, such as a chandelier or a pendant. To plan well for your lighting, consider what activities will be performed in each room. A kitchen requires much more light than a home theater.


General lighting is for visibility and safety. The goal is to fill the room with as much light as necessary to see clearly. You have several choices when selecting general lighting:

  • Up lights: Includes wall sconces and torchiers. They point light towards the ceiling.
  • Down lights: Includes track lights and recessed lights. They direct light downward from the wall or ceiling.
  • Up-down lights: Includes lamps which direct light both upward and downward.


Accent lighting is used to illuminate special objects in your space. If you have something such as a painting, sculpture, or trophy you want to accentuate, be sure to use a bulb that is not more than three times as bright as the general lighting in that room.

No matter what type of light you may need for your space, our Lighting Showroom in Austin can show you the best fit for your home. Come see us at 10401 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 78758, or call us at (512) 491-6444.