Living in a small space has its own challenges. While fewer light fixtures are necessary to provide adequate light, it can be tricky to maximize natural light and open up the space. Adding mirrors to any room will immediately help create the illusion of space while significantly increasing the amount of light in a room. Here are a few tips to decorating with mirrors in small areas.

Full-Length Mirror

Full-length mirrors can make any space look taller and larger. The shape naturally draws the eye up, making even low ceilings seem higher. The mirror also reflects the light, making the space brighter, eliminating shadows that may otherwise make the room feel cramped and small. If your room has several windows, consider placing the full-length mirror in between the windows. This will maximize the light in the room while also creating the illusion that there’s an additional window in the room.

In the Dining Room

Place a mirror next to your dining table to create the illusion of more space. When a mirror is hung on the wall, the glass naturally catches the light from your dining area and makes it feel brighter and more open. Using a mirror in the dining room will also allow you to maximize your mood lighting, making it brighter than it would,  reflected only on the wall.

Behind a Lightsource 

Placing a mirror behind a candle, lamp, or pendant light will help reflect the light across the room. This will maximize the amount of light put out by each source. In small spaces, adding more lights is not always practical, but mirrors are a simple, space saving solution for any room and any space.

In the Kitchen

Use mirrors as a backsplash above your kitchen counters. Not only are they incredibly easy to clean, but they’ll open up even the smallest kitchens. Backsplash mirrors will reflect the ambient light in the room, making it easier to see your counters without the addition of task lighting or under-cabinet lights.

With Pictures and Artwork

Adding a few small mirrors into a wall display will prevent the space from feeling overcrowded. Too many frames on one wall can become overwhelming and cause the space to feel smaller than it really is. Adding mirrors will break up the frames and create the illusion of more space.

Mirror Wall

Consider using several smaller mirrors along one wall rather than one large mirrored panel. Select mirrors that you find interesting either in shape or frame-style. This creates an artistic effect and can elevate your space by making it feel larger while adding interesting stylistic elements to suit your decor.

In the Entryway

Add a small, narrow mirror by your front door. This will open up even the smallest entry space and will give you one last place to check your appearance on the way out the door.
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