Old world European designs conjure up the idea of massive gold-plated fixtures and ornate chandeliers. For many homes, this style may not be an option–because of the size and scope of old world designs, they can easily overwhelm a room and diminish your existing home decor theme. If the traditional design options are not suitable for your home, consider incorporating French Country accents into your room.


The French Country style blends the look of timeless ornate designs with smaller fixtures more suited to average-sized homes than palatial estates. French Country style often uses light colors to create an open feel to the room, and lighting accents are no different. The style is inspired by antique designs, using metallic finishes to highlight textures or other design features.


French Country blends the world of functionality with ornate designs while maintaining a timeless look that hints at passed-down family treasures. Its elegance is matched only by its practicality; many accent decorations have some element of usefulness. Consider adding an ornate candlestick to your side table or updating your modern table lamp with a painted lampshade. The style itself is refined and lends well to a room finished with antiques or light airy rooms with warm accents.


French Country is best described as a blend between traditional ornate designs and the casual warmth of a country kitchen. It’s perfect for a formal parlor and can easily be incorporated into an informal family room. From light fixtures to table accents, the French Country look is easy to customize for your space’s needs.


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