There’s nothing quite like the sound of running water. When life gets stressful, we all need little reminders to take a break and breathe. Here at Lighting Inc., we can help you set up the perfect retreat in your home with our lighting and home decor accents. Looking to customize your reading nook or office? We have a variety of options to give you that perfect retreat at home while staying true to your home’s existing interior design plans.

An indoor fountain is more than a beautiful accent to a room; the soothing sound helps take away the stresses of the day and fills the silence with a pleasant background noise. Why turn the TV on and listen to mindless chatter when you can listen to the sounds of water bubbling away? Water fountains also help improve air quality. Water produces negative ions which grab dust particles out of the air. We have many styles to choose from, ranging from small tabletop fountains to larger wall-mounted structures.

Using an overhead light can often feel harsh and overly bright. Your private escape should be comfortable and soft lighting options facilitate your relaxation. Desk lamps and floor lamps help cast a softer light in the room. We can accommodate all styles, from contemporary to Victorian, rustic to industrial.

Visit our Woodlands Showroom to take a look at a few of the styles we have to offer. We’re here to help you find the perfect home decor accessories to match your interior design desires.